DancingManMania with Pharrell and Moby

It seems like 4chan has shown again on it’s dark sides this time with this man who is now on of the biggest trends of twitter and everywhere. The story begins when someone makes fun of this man named Sean for dancing cause he is fat. It seems like he felt bad for it and stopped but luckily for him someone took a picture of him and uploaded it at 4chan. A woman named Cassandra decided to make a party for him but she had to find him first. More than 1.700 women decided to go at this party and

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Custom Homepage for your browser

Are you tired of the homepage you face every time you open your browser? You want something better like this one above, or this on below? Take a look at the best homepages I found. Those homepages were from /wg/. Every homepage has different licence. For all homepages you can find a Github page so you can use them too.

For the featured homepage: https://github.com/WhoIsThis4chan/Homepage




Github: https://github.com/benwaffle/Homepage




[Light / Dark]

Github: https://github.com/gokoururi/homepage





Github: https://github.com/Shockersify/WebPage




Github: https://github.com/tavidatum/Start




[Live / Mobile]


Github: https://github.com/E66666666/homepage 



4chan founder Moot is leaving the site

Christopher “Moot” Poole is stepping down as the administrator of 4chan, the iconic (and occasionally infamous) message board he founded at the age of 15. He announced his departure on 4chan’s news blog today, saying site users should notice a minimal change as he hands control over to a handful of volunteers (including 4chan’s lead developer, managing moderator, and server administrator.)

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