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CLI launcher – The Linux terminal Launcher

I like to change the appearance of my android device and a launcher is one of the most effective ways. This launcher is completely different from the rest. CLI launcher is black with white and green letters, no icons just text, just

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Prisma is now available to everyone on Android

Prisma, the turn-your-photos-into-paintings app that’s been blowing up over the past few weeks, is now launching on Android in full form. That means you no longer need a beta invite, and can download it straight off the Google Play Store.

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Get png icons from Android Icon Pack

Recently I started playing a little bit with an app called KLWP. With that great app you can make custom wallpapers for your phone using shapes, text, images and

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Hotspot Nexus 5 on Macbook

I have been away from my home for about 2 weeks and here you can find almost nowhere a place to have Internet connection. Even if you find, speed is so slow that you want to kill yourself, although

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Best Android Icon Packs [2015]

I change my phone’s icons and themes all the time, and I have some favourite icon pack and themes also. Since I’m running CyanogenMod 12, there is a huge amount of themes and icon packs to use. Even if your phone is stock you can use a launcher. The best choice for me is Nova Launcher, and you could buy Nova Launcher Prime that costs 3.00€ but gives you some great features.


1. Bliss – Icon Pack

[1.69€ | Link]

bliss icon pack

I like the cartoonized look of the icons. At the moment it has 1250 icons and great wallpapers to combine with. Supports most of the launchers (APEX, NOVA,GO,NEXT,TSF Shell, ADW, ACTION PRO, HOLO) and you can contact the designer for any requests. Very important is that he publishes weekly updates for the icons.


2. Cryten – Icon Pack

[0.69€ | Link]

cryten icon pack

One of the most downloaded icon packs. Those circle icons are great for every wallpaper with colours. This icon pack has more than 50.000 downloads and for sure worth it. At the moment it has around 3.100 icons and some great wallpapers and has weekly updates. Vertumus has some more icon packs that worth taking a look (most of them are paid).


3. DAB Icon Pack

[1.59€ | Link]

DAB icon pack

DAB is a circle icon pack. All icons are well designed and at the moment has 1.100 icons. It supports every launcher like the most but it seems like it doesn’t offers weekly updates, since it’s latest update was about 4 months ago.


4. Moonshine Icon Pack

[Free | Link]

moonshine icon pack

The best icon pack for Material wallpapers and material style themes. It offers 900 vector designed icons. I used to have it for a long time and for sure it’s one the bests. Supports all launchers and Muzei Wallpaper.


5. Numix Circle Icon Pack

[Free | Link]

numix icon pack

Numix is the best free circle icon pack. It doesn’t has as many icons as other circle paid packs, but all it’s icons have perfect matching colours and the 500.000 downloads prove it.


6. Flair Icon Pack

[1.58€ | Link]

flair icon pack

Flair has material design and more than 500 icons. At the moment does not look complete, but all it’s icons are carefully designed. What I don’t like is the fact that doesn’t has weekly updates and for icon requests, uploader asks for a donation.


7. Glim Icon Pack

[1.85€ | Link]

glim icon pack

Glim has more than 2.200 icons and supports really a lot apps. Costs 1.85€ but in stead of other apps has no app purchase that means you buy the whole pack. Offers Material and Flat wallpapers and the most important has weekly updates. This is for sure an icon pack I would buy and not regret.


8. Switch UI Icon Pack

[1.14€ | Link]

Switch UI Icon Pack

Most of icon pack I like are circle but this square icon pack is wonderful. Following the Material design with the falling shadow. Gets updated weekly and has more than 1.300 icons. What I didn’t like is the app purchase option for requests and more.


9. Glyph Icon Pack

[Free | Link]
glyph icon pack

My favourite white icon pack inspired by iPhone icons. It’s free and fits perfectly with dark but also and light blurry wallpapers. Best FREE icon pack to keep your phones home screen as minimal as possible. It doesn’t has than many icons but for sure will make your home screen look cool.



Do you prefer free or paid icon packs? What’s your favourite?

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Pushbullet Update Adds Quick Replying Via Computer to Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Other Services

Pushbullet issued an update this morning that brings even more phone-to-computer-back-to-phone-again integration, similarly to how their previously introduced SMS-reply function works.

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Ampere Android app

Ampere is an app the I found lurking on XDA-Developers forum. At first I loved the interface the Material design and how simple this app is. It displays live the mA used by your phone.

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Best Free CM12 themes

Theme feature is back again in nightly builds of CM12. And we can find some pretty good Free and Paid themes. Here are some suggestions of what we have till now.

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Must-have Apps for Rooted Phones [2015]

About a year ago I first rooted my phone. My first android phone was a Nexus 5 ( which I still own) and I think this is a process that will probably make your phone better but for sure cooler. I made a list with the best “tweaks”