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Ampere Android app

Ampere is an app the I found lurking on XDA-Developers forum. At first I loved the interface the Material design and how simple this app is. It displays live the mA used by your phone.

Android Fun

Collection of mobile wallpapers

A collection of minimal mobile wallpapers. Great for your phones in great resolutions.Below you can se some of my favourites that I used on my phone.

Android CyanogenMod Fun

Android CyanogenMod Wallpapers

This is a small list of my favourite wallpapers of CyanogenMod.

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Must-have Apps for Rooted Phones [2015]

About a year ago I first rooted my phone. My first android phone was a Nexus 5 ( which I still own) and I think this is a process that will probably make your phone better but for sure cooler. I made a list with the best “tweaks”

Android CyanogenMod

CM12 OTA Update Not Working (Solution)

After I updated my Nexus 5 to CM12 I wasn’t getting the normal OTA updates like I used to with CM11. You can always download the nightly file from the CyanogenMod’s website and install it in recovery mode, but let’s be honest, updating with a simple click is