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Ampere Android app

Ampere is an app the I found lurking on XDA-Developers forum. At first I loved the interface the Material design and how simple this app is. It displays live the mA used by your phone.

I wanted to test it my self on a Nexus 5 running CM12 everything is working great. The question is Why you want to monitor phone’s mA, and the answer is simple. Because it’s fun. Here is the app

while in different states.

Charging from the outlet and while charging from USB.

While charging from outlet mA where from 780mA to 900mA. When charging from the USB of a laptop not charging at the moment charging was really slower at 20mA to max 70mA.

Screenshot_2015-02-04-12-47-45  Screenshot_2015-02-04-12-49-11

Discharging normally with different brightness

While not charging phone was consuming 760mA to 800mA while bluetooth is active and brightness is 100%. On the other hand when brightness is about to 30% battery consumption is almost half 380mA to 430mA.

Screenshot_2015-02-04-12-48-05 Screenshot_2015-02-04-12-48-33

Download app for free:


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