10 Built In Features of VS Code You Need to Know

When VS code was released I switched almost immediately from Atom, mainly because it was so much lighter and faster, although both editors are based on Electron aka Heavy File Browser. VS Code not only is the best editor out there, but has a plethora of features without any extension which are not so commonly used and here I am to help you make your life a bit better.

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Best ROM for your Nexus Device


If you like to spend some time on customising, use Dirty Unicorns.
If you want something stable but not Stock use Pure Nexus with Elemental X kernel.


Nexus devices have always been, in my opinion, until the release of Nexus 6, the best Value for money option. What I like the most is that they are pure Android without any Samsung or LG apps. Having a Nexus is like a responsibility to “play” with it. And what I mean by playing is actually customising. Starting from a simple Launcher and some Themes to custom ROMs and Kernels.

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