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Featured image at RSS using Mailchimp

I decided that it was time to change that mail Jetpack was sending and make something more beautiful and with better control. So I tried to use MailChimp, a great mail service that you can modify your mail style and you can have some extra features like detect when users open the link and more. 

I registered an account but I couldn’t add a featured image because there was no featured image at my RSS. I searched for a lot of different things to do to add this feature but I always ended on having an empty feed page. I have no idea about php so i couldn’t that simply figure out what’s wrong.

What I did was install this great plug-in about featured images named Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position and saved my life.

Everything was working GREAT and my RSS had this great part of the featured image. You can select if you want your featured image to be thumbnail, medium and large ( I picked medium).

What you have to do then is to enter a link at your MailChimp designer and enter as link the following text *|RSSITEM:IMAGE|* and this will display your featured image at mail. This is the style that I used.


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 3.55.52 PM


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