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This Weekend’s Big Stupid Thing on the Internet Is a GitHub Repository

Tearing up the internet right now is some dude’s wan extended dick joke in the form of a Github repository called ​DICSS. It’s a bunch of stupid attempted puns smashed together in the form of a JavaScript project promising “directly injected CSS.” Lulz include attempts at fourth-grade boy humor like …

( ({})<=8 ) {

// yeah, you get it…


and …

DICSS keeps on growing! Some popular DICSS add-ons include

COCSS (cross-origin DICSS),

SECSS (security enhanced DICSS)

*DICSS-Pics (DICSS plugin for working with images)

Circum-Sizer (calculate the circumference of a rounded element in CSS)

It goes on like that across several files.

In ​a comment thread attached to the project, a GH user pointed out, “You guys seem to think this is funny. But it’s really not. It’s harmful to the developer community.”

And so a familiar battle ensued (is ensuing) between the internet’s legion of man-boys and those who man-boys like to call “SJWs” (for “social justice warriors”). The SJWs seem to think that Github should be a neutral platform for programmers to collaborate on projects and remotely store their git repositories, while the man-boys think it should be a safe place to be all sweaty and uncomfortable to be around.

Can you even believe it?

Some commenters have suggested that the project makes light of sexual violence. Its read-me file contains the line, “And please, never force someone to use DICSS if they’re not willing,” which is an amazing indicator of just how tone-deaf and deluded this whole crowd is. A line meant to disclaim the creepiness of the joke that winds up being one of the creepiest lines in the whole thing! That’s impressive.

The standard retort in said comment thread is that said line proves without a doubt that the joke is in fact very female-friendly. Because putting someone in any kind of situation or circumstance where it might be wise to reassure them that “hey it’s cool I’m not going to rape you” is totally cool so long as you say the magic words.

Whatever. It’s creepy-dude humor, which is Family Guy humor: winks, leers, barf. And, yeah, this is not dissonant with the pre-existing tone with the developer world—the JavaScript/front-end developer world in particular (sorry bros!).

Business Insider UK interviewed the project’s creator, Randy Hunt (user “letsgetrandy”) ​because someone had to. Hunt brushed off the criticism in the usual way: “People want to be offended. It’s reverse privilege.” Reverse. Privilege.



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