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Best Free CM12 themes

Theme feature is back again in nightly builds of CM12. And we can find some pretty good Free and Paid themes. Here are some suggestions of what we have till now.

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Must-have Apps for Rooted Phones [2015]

About a year ago I first rooted my phone. My first android phone was a Nexus 5 ( which I still own) and I think this is a process that will probably make your phone better but for sure cooler. I made a list with the best “tweaks”

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CM12 OTA Update Not Working (Solution)

After I updated my Nexus 5 to CM12 I wasn’t getting the normal OTA updates like I used to with CM11. You can always download the nightly file from the CyanogenMod’s website and install it in recovery mode, but let’s be honest, updating with a simple click is