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Can inbox replace Gmail?

I have been waiting for an inbox invitation for a long time. About 2 month ago I got the great invitation to use inbox the app that will make mail more interesting and will introduce new features. When I first launched inbox I was really excited about the design, and I was about to discover the new app by Google.

Used it to set new reminders, to check my mails but mostly I wanted to try something exciting. About 2 or 3 weeks later I really couldn’t find a reason to use inbox instead of Gmail. Then I got and the update of the Gmail with material design and all those features that made that long inbox unique. At this point I’m still using Gmail as my main mail app, Calendar for my events and everything is a back to normal again.

Inbox’s design was great for sure, although I didn’t like that much the web version of it. So if you want something different you can use inbox, and probably it will help you save some of your time, for faster reminders, events, mails but this won’t be something great ( like when I first used Gmail).

PS. I have some inbox invitation so if you want one you can ping me.

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