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Best Cyber Security Black Friday deals

Every year more and more companies offer special deals for Black Friday and those offers could save you a few bucks. Bellow there is a list of IT offers that worth a look.

Black Friday deals 2019

Product Offer Notes
Shodan 5$ Lifetime (50$ Standard price) Shodan Announcement – Offer is available from Friday till Monday
VMware 35% Discount Vmware Announcement
Hostinger 90% discount + Free domain name Hostinger Website
Udemy Price down to 9.99$ for most of the courses Udemy Website
Proton 50% on Mail and VPN services Protonmail Website
namecheap More than 90% discount namecheap Website
PasteBin Pro 20$ Lifetime (50$ Standard Price) PasteBin Website
Hak5 10-90$ Discount + US Free Shipping Hak5 Website – Offer ends on Sunday
Particle 20-40% Discount Particle Website
NordVPN 75% Discount NordVPN Website
Peritus BurpSuite Course 100% Discount Peritus Burp Course

If you have another offer that is worth sharing, leave a comment and I will update the table.

sources: reddit, pastebin

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