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Hotspot Nexus 5 on Macbook

I have been away from my home for about 2 weeks and here you can find almost nowhere a place to have Internet connection. Even if you find, speed is so slow that you want to kill yourself, although data speed is great. I have H+ almost all the time. I have a Nexus 5 and I was making a hotspot so I could surf a bit. It was able to connect to the hotspot but still there was no Internet connection. Solution came by downloading Easy Tether Lite.

You can create a hotspot and transfer data through via USB or bluetooth. In my case because bluetooth is not compatible I used USB and everything was working great except the fact that I couldn’t visit websites with https://. So what I has to do is to use Easy Tether PRO.

It costs 7.73€ but it’s clearly the best to make you phone hotspot with everything and you can surf as much as you want.

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