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Activate Windows 10 For Free

The last few years, more and more scam sellers, sell Windows 10 license for 2€. But are those licenses valid and why do the cost 1/100th of a Windows 10 license from Microsoft? How can you activate your Windows for free?

Those licenses sold by these people are generally scam. It doesn’t mean that your Windows installation will not get activated, but this is not a legal key. These are keys generated using fake educational accounts or by selling to multiple users the same key which in most cases it is already cracked. This is also known as a grey market, where somebody is reselling the same digital good, which is illegal in some countries.

But how can you activate Windows by avoiding all the torrent downloading and KMSpico (which works fine, but it is a bit annoying with the antivirus detection). The solution is brought to you by MASSGRAVE on github.

Github: Microsoft-Activation-Scripts

All you have to do it download the Github repo and execute the cmd file as Administrator. I will go step by step to show how simple it is. Like it is visible below, my installed Windows 10 are not activated.

Download the compressed file and extract its content. There is a folder called MAS_1.4, then navigate to All in One Version and right click and Run as Administrator on the file MAS_1.4_AIO_CRC32_9A7B5B05.cmd. From the following menu choose the activation method of your choice, in my case I used 3, which is for KMS38 Activation. This method will activate Windows till 2038, which is more than enough for my VM.

The cmd script will do all the changes needed and will in a few second the product will be activated.

While this solution is not completely legal, at least you don’t give money to people who scam you, by selling you air. You can also download the latest version of Microsoft-Activation-Scripts from the link below.

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