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Best ROM for your Nexus Device


If you like to spend some time on customising, use Dirty Unicorns.
If you want something stable but not Stock use Pure Nexus with Elemental X kernel.


Nexus devices have always been, in my opinion, until the release of Nexus 6, the best Value for money option. What I like the most is that they are pure Android without any Samsung or LG apps. Having a Nexus is like a responsibility to “play” with it. And what I mean by playing is actually customising. Starting from a simple Launcher and some Themes to custom ROMs and Kernels.

A really good ROM is of course CyanogenMod. CM was my main ROM for more than two years. I liked CM with all the nightlies and everything, but I get easily bored. So I also installed Xposed Framework. Installing Gravity Box from Xposed, gives a lot of options that could probably find preinstalled on CM, but not on of the most basics for me, Data indicator.

My next stop was Dirty Unicorns. A really good ROM, looking A LOT like CM, probably because they also use CM Theme Engine. Recently there was an update on their Tweaks and it gives you a lot of new customisations on your Status Bar, Navigation Bar that I loved it. If you want to spend some time customising your phone, this is the best ROM I have tried.

Since Dirty Unicorns, I also tried Franko kernel with Stock ROM, and Cataclysm with Elemental X kernel. My final destination is Pure Nexus ROM with Elemental X kernel. Pure Nexus has a really good customising base, and you can either use Layers ( I use layers) or CM Theme Engine. Pure Nexus is completely stable  and battery life is good (Never had a problem with my battery). Of course I don’t use DT2W, because in that case battery would be really shorter. Finally I think there are a lot of ROMs that you should probably try even once, and that it is really difficult to find exactly what we need.

Feel free to share your favourite ROM.

Nougat ROM Update 11/16

There are some Nougat ROMs, and from curiosity I tried the 7.0 version of Pure Nexus with Elemental X 7.0.4 Kernel. I actually had no problem except from some a few problems. One of theme are some small bugs that made the screen freeze for about 5 seconds. Also on Google Camera Video Recording there are some green frames appearing randomly, while recording, so I used Footej Camera that I found great. As a conclusion I suggest you flashing a previous version,  or even better way a little bit more if you don’t want to have any issues.

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