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[Windows 10] Can’t create new user

Windows 10 have a new UI that I personally find really useful (some people don’t), and although I have a Mac, I had to use Windows 10 for a project I’m running at the moment. I had a standard administrator userbut the system didn’t allow me to open some files for security reasons and asked me to create a new user without administrator privileges.
I went straight into settings to create a new user. After going to Control Panel -> User Accounts -> User Accounts -> Manage Accounts I clicked on Add someone else to this pc and nothing happened. No matter how many times I did a restart absolutely nothing happened.

On your home bar type cmd and right click on the Command Prompt option. Then select Run as administrator.

Next while your terminal is open and you have Admin rights type the following.


For example let’s say I want to create a user named Poki, that has password 1234. I will have to type:

net user Poki 1234 /add

This will create a user for you and when you log out, by using the credentials you entered earlier, you will be ready to log in as the new user.

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