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Aquatone – npm executable not found

Aquatone is a great tool, developed by user @michenriksen, used for subdomain takeovers. The reason that I specifically like this tool is because it helps you enumerate subdomains easily, giving you IPs with Open Ports and their matching subdomain.

How it works

Aquatone is divided in 4 different scripts, discover, gather, scan and takeover.

  • discover – Collects the subdomains of the domain specified
  • scan – Enumerate Open Ports of hosts identified previously
  • gather – Enumerate Web Servicies found on those hosts and take screenshots
  • takeover – Based on standard error messages it will report if a domain is vulnerable or not.

npm executable not found


This error pops up when some is on the gather script. The message is pretty clear to be honest, that npm executable is not present.


Clone npm from their official Github (Note is was recently moved from and install it using Make.

git clone
cd cli
make install
Verify installation
npm -v

More info

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