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10 + 5 amazing subreddits that you need in your life

I was browsing 4chan and other boards for a couple of years, but when I found out about reddit, I just knew that this would be the one. Not only because of the better content management they offer, but mostly because there were thousands of categories you can browse. But what is reddit?

Reddit (stylized as reddit, /ˈrɛdɪt/)[5] is a social media, social newsaggregation, web content rating and discussionwebsite. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links. Registered users can then vote submissions up or down to organize the posts and determine their position on the site’s pages.


These are the 10 subreddits you should definitely subscribe.



This subreddit offers some great  aweful lifehacks, in order to make your life “better”. Most of the posts are in a DIY style, but they all have one thing in common, they are completely useless. Visit /r/ShittyLifeHacks for more.


Like you could clearly understand from the subreddits name, redditors upload everything that has to do with Engineering Porn. From CNC machinery operating to flying toothpicks, everything is in here.


r/MechanicalGifs hosts thousands gifs of mechanical devices just doing they job. All of them are oddly satisfying to watch so definitely you could subscribe to this subreddit.


There is no need for any definitions about this subreddit. r/OddlySatisfying has more than 500.000 satisfied subscribers and why wouldn’t you be a part of it?



For all of you cat lovers this is subreddit full of cats. Not only images but in this subreddit, “cat.” is the only text allowed. Better take a look by yourself in r/CatsStandingUp.



Everyone who has a facebook account, have at least on old person on their friend list. Old people trying to deal with technology can be hilarious and this is why r/OldPeopleFacebook is here.


People are crazy, and awesome and this is what r/SweatyPalms is for. Lurking this channel will make your palms sweaty so better subscribe A.S.A.P


This weird cat wanted to float today, I couldn’t say no (/u/OrangeEyeris)

r/AnimalsBeingBros is the place to share images and videos of animals being your bros, like that weird cat.


The tech working on this just got up and went home for the day. (u/Zacknut)
The tech working on this just got up and went home for the day. (u/Zacknut)

When something is wrong with the techies, it will be here. Browsing this subreddit will make you wonder what is going on with the people.


An alternative to famous mildly interesting. You can spend a lot of hours of your life just doing nothing and watching those gifs. Subscribe to r/InterestingAsFuck

5 more subreddits you should subscribe to

r/funny – One of the biggest subreddits for funny images gifs and videos

r/pics –  Interesting pics of peoples, places and animals.

r/ShowerThoughts – People sharing their thoughts while they feel free in their showers

r/Jokes – People posting their jokes. Probably some of the content is +18

r/TIFU – Tifu stands for “Today I Fucked Up” and it’s full of stories of people doing what they know best


If you have any weird or interesting subreddits that are not listed above, you should leave a comment about it.

Featured image is taken from r/HybridAnimals and that is a subreddit that you will love. (u/netwoodle)

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