Best Cyanogen Boot Animations

If you had had tried CyanogenMod, probably you have notice that it takes a while for the phone to boot. So I liked to have a good looking animation while

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A Preview of Themes in Cyanogen OS 12

We want to highlight a couple of the upcoming new features in Themes coming to Cyanogen OS 12. With the upcoming OS 12 update, users will be able to take advantage of App Themer and

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Cyanogen launches new branding, Qualcomm development partnership

Cyanogen, the company behind the CyanogenMod open source operating system, is today announcing a rebranding, which will take it further away from its hacker-inspired roots and make it more mainstream than before. The new branding ditches the Android mascot logos and abundance of cyan for cleaner fonts and a simpler approach. It’s a better, more mature look for a company that has shifted away from just making tools for hackers and has software found on devices anyone can buy.