Best Cyanogen Boot Animations

If you had had tried CyanogenMod, probably you have notice that it takes a while for the phone to boot. So I liked to have a good looking animation while

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Bypass lockscreen pattern [Android]

After updating the latest CM12 nightly, my phone asked for unlock pattern. I normally have a 3×3 pattern, but after restart there was just a blank space. All I could feel was a small vibration every time I moved my finger over it. It was a

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A Preview of Themes in Cyanogen OS 12

We want to highlight a couple of the upcoming new features in Themes coming to Cyanogen OS 12. With the upcoming OS 12 update, users will be able to take advantage of App Themer and

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Best Free CM12 themes

Theme feature is back again in nightly builds of CM12. And we can find some pretty good Free and Paid themes. Here are some suggestions of what we have till now.

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CM12 OTA Update Not Working (Solution)

After I updated my Nexus 5 to CM12 I wasn’t getting the normal OTA updates like I used to with CM11. You can always download the nightly file from the CyanogenMod’s website and install it in recovery mode, but let’s be honest, updating with a simple click is