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CM12 OTA Update Not Working (Solution)

After I updated my Nexus 5 to CM12 I wasn’t getting the normal OTA updates like I used to with CM11. You can always download the nightly file from the CyanogenMod’s website and install it in recovery mode, but let’s be honest, updating with a simple click is

always easier than browsing the web.


What you can do is download CyanDelta Updater from Google Play for free.

Google Play

Run CyanDelta Updater and you will see this window.

CyanDelta Updater file was stored on my internal storage.

After selecting the file it will ask you to locate the file. Locate the file and it will detect the version you have and start searching for new ones.

CyanDelta Finding Updates

Latest version will appear on your screen and by pressing download it will start downloading.

Downloading CM12 Update

After download finishes, you can either install it manually in recovery mode or press the install button that will install it automatically.

Install CM12 update

Update files are usually 20-40 MB and this is a good solution till the OTA updates are back on CM12.

Till then, happy updating!

Update Jan 16 2015

Since today’s update you can normally update your system. You can also use themes although almost none of your existing will work since it based on the cm11 system and not on cm12.

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