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How much data does Hearthstone use

Sometimes when I’m out, and I have to wait for a long time I play a little bit Hearthstone. For those who don’t know what hearthstone is, is a card game developed by Blizzard, that sucks the souls of millions of people around the world.

My problem was always how much data a game would consume, because I didn’t want to pass my data limit. And the answer at first really surprised me. What I did was just install a data manager on my phone and launch a game.

I played 5 games and it used in total LESS than 1MB. This was in total for about an hour.

Hearthstone data

And because we needed first some data to log in and find the match, build a deck, that means that in average it uses 100 up to 150kB per game.

So there is so small data consumption, because all datas like images sounds etc. are stored on the device. That makes the apps size really big (3.03 GB) but at the same time it makes it faster to play with slow network connections.

What also remains a big issue for Hearthstone is the battery life. A power bank could probably save our lives.

  • Hearthstone: Link
  • My Data Manager: Link



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