Best Cyber Security Black Friday Deals 2021

Like every year, Black Friday and Cyber Mondays are great chances to get your most wanted software or course on discount. Take a look at the deals below!


Tenable Nessus50% offCode: takehalf
Proxyman30% offCode: PROXYMAN_BLACK_FRIDAY_2021
Pulsedive50% offCode: BLACKFRIDAY21
Parallel Desktop20% offNo code needed
Burp Bounty20% offCode: CYBERBOUNTY
VMWare40% off No code needed


BurpSuite Certification9$If you pass the exam before the 15/12/21 there is 100% refund
PluralSight40% offNo code needed
UdemyCourses for $10.99No code needed
PentesterLab27% offNo code needed
Try Hack Me20% offCode: AOC2021
A Cloud Guru40% offNo code needed
O’Reilly40% offCode: CYBERSAVINGS21
INEDiscountsPremium for $499 and $599


NordVPN72% offNo code needed
Surfshark VPN83% off + 3 monthsNo code needed
Pure VPN60 months for 80$No code needed
ProtonVPN50% off on VPNNo code needed
Hostinger85% offNo code needed
Murus and Vallum50% offNo code needed
Eset Anti-Virus35% offNo code needed
NordPass70% offNo code needed
1Password50% off for family accountsCode: SWITCH50
LogMeOnce51% offNo code needed
NameCheap74% offNo code needed

Finally, like every year there are great deals on hardware from Hak5 store and Yubikeys.

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