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Visualize Your Nmap Scan Results with Nmap Peek for VSCode

As a network security professional or system administrator, you know the importance of regular port scans to assess your network’s security posture.

Nmap is a widely used tool for performing such scans, but analyzing the results can be time-consuming and difficult. Additionally, Visual Studio Code is a fantastic code editor that I highly recommend. Its speed and stability, combined with the numerous extensions and built-in features available, make it a favorite among developers.

With Nmap Peek, you can easily visualize Nmap scan results within Visual Studio Code. The extension provides different indications based on the port status and the type of operating system of the host, making it easier to identify potential vulnerabilities.

The extension is incredibly easy to install. Simply search for “Nmap Peek” in the Visual Studio Code marketplace and install it with just one click. Once installed, you can open an Nmap XML scan output file and start using the extension immediately.

In conclusion, Nmap Peek is a must-have tool for any network security professional or system administrator who regularly performs Nmap scans. By streamlining the analysis process, Nmap Peek helps you make informed decisions about your network’s security posture and respond quickly to any potential threats. Try it out today and simplify your Nmap port scan analysis process.

Nmap Peek VS Code:
Nmap Peak Github:

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