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ヤング marduc

A Junior Android Developer, a technology enthusiast and the best internship guy you will ever have. Loves Android, Burgers, Shazam and Dropbox.

10 Built In Features of VS Code You Need to Know

When VS code was released I switched almost immediately from Atom, mainly because it was so much lighter and faster, although both editors are based on Electron aka Heavy File Browser. VS Code not only is the best editor out there, but has a plethora of features without any extension which are not so commonly used and here I am to help you make your life a bit better.

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Kaonashi is the Best Wordlist for Password Cracking

I was recently introduced to Kaonashi through a friend when we wanted to crack some hashes we collected during an assessment. Although you will probably think, “yeah great another wordlist, I already have 1000 of those”, this is not the case. What makes this wordlist special, is that it is NOT one of those Top 1 Million passwords wordlists.

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Generate HTTP Response with custom Status Code

During an assessment, I needed a web server which would serve a 204 HTTP response. Is is not so common or easy to find it, so I decided to create one for when needed, which I would be able to use it offline.
Just save the snippet below as a python file and change the status code. When loading the page, it will serve you the status code needed.

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Security Black Friday Deals 2019

Like every year during black Friday, companies publish new offers to attract people. We are used to see offers every year by services like pastebin, shodan but not this year. Shodan did an one day offer of 1$ for a lifetime registration, a few days ago to celebrate 10 years. Pastebin also didn’t do any offer this year so far, but luckily more offers appeared.

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