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CLI launcher – The Linux terminal Launcher

I like to change the appearance of my android device and a launcher is one of the most effective ways. This launcher is completely different from the rest. CLI launcher is black with white and green letters, no icons just text, just

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Hotspot Nexus 5 on Macbook

I have been away from my home for about 2 weeks and here you can find almost nowhere a place to have Internet connection. Even if you find, speed is so slow that you want to kill yourself, although

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Pushbullet Update Adds Quick Replying Via Computer to Hangouts, WhatsApp, Facebook, Other Services

Pushbullet issued an update this morning that brings even more phone-to-computer-back-to-phone-again integration, similarly to how their previously introduced SMS-reply function works.

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Ampere Android app

Ampere is an app the I found lurking on XDA-Developers forum. At first I loved the interface the Material design and how simple this app is. It displays live the mA used by your phone.